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It presents a systematic assessment of these studies and a triangulated evidence-base from which to launch the three year Regional Development and Protection Programme for Lebanon, Jordan and Iraq, an initiative funded by the EC, Denmark, Ireland, UK, Netherlands and the Czech Republic Community Support Committees (CSCs) in Jordan provide a novel and community led approach to respond to the needs of urban refugees, bridging gaps between refugees and Jordanians, and helping UNHCR to give the right assistance to those who need it most.

As the Syria crisis has evolved since its advent in 2011, UNHCR has looked to different ways to reach populations.

With their savings exhausted,assets already sold, and borrowing and debt on the rise, despite recently improved access to work opportunities, UN social assistance programmes are helping tens of thousands of registered refugee families make ends meet on a daily basis.

It is against this background that our research is set.

This discussion paper – Regional Trends in the Impact of the Syria Crisis on Livelihoods and Opportunities – examines the economic impact of the crisis, the micro-economic costs in markets and livelihoods, and how the evidence about impact can inform new resilience-led strategies to generate more development and to spark growth in the midst of the refugee crisis.

Finding answers to these questions is an essential part of delivering a successful humanitarian and resilience response, as in this way we can better plan actions and interventions to alleviate and reduce the risk of tensions and discord.Three quarters of those targeted are in urban areas.The total cash families receive is dependent on family size.Through consultations with experts and government officials, and research on recent data and experience from the field, our authors bring evidence to the debate about these questions.Their recommendations show how practical action can optimize the response for both the Syrian refugees and their host communities.

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