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The device helps you locate missing keys wherever they are within 45 feet. When keys have gone rogue, push the button on the base that corresponds to the lost set of keys. Prescription drug misuse among the elderly is a major concern and may lead to side effects such as disorientation, mood swings, and even accidental death.

It may be hard for some seniors to keep track of multiple pills throughout the day.

Reminder Rosie is a voice-controlled reminder system created to help seniors remember appointments, medication times, and everyday activities. It displays the time, but also allows anyone to record up to 25 daily or weekly reminders or a reminder for any date.

The device works in power outages and can be programmed in any language. TV Ears is wireless headset device that helps clarify television voices and dialogue.

Many seniors don't get in the sun as much as they used to, especially those with mobility issues.

However, the sun is a great source of vitamin D which helps the body absorb calcium and supports heart health, healthy vision and a healthy immune system.

Traditionally celebrated with a gift of paper, the 1st anniversary is a chance to reflect on the love you've shared as a couple over the last year.

It helps connect and cement the bond between generations.

It also helps seniors recall memories they may not have thought about for decades. This kit from Outskirts Press contains everything a senior needs to record their legacy.

It walks them step-by-step through the process and offers 140 life questions laid out in chronological chapters.

As people age, they may feel more compelled to share their legacy with their children and grandchildren.

The elderly have fascinating stories to tell yet many don't know where to start.

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Unlike less expensive sun lamps, this lamp is the only one shown to provide the unique UVB rays your body needs to produce vitamin D. If a good night's rest is a struggle for the senior in your life, consider gifting them the Ho Medics Sound Spa.

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