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They share, he says, "alleged artistic sensibilities" and discuss projects, films they've seen.

"If I had to describe Rachel, she is sensitive, silly, serious, ravishing, long-suffering, solid as Uluru."Waterstreet offers a glimpse of Ward and Brown's social life.

About Brown, you might discover that he was working for an insurance company when he got involved with amateur theatre in the '60s; that he plucked up the courage to quit his job and go to England, where he landed at the National Theatre.

You'd find a list of his parts in a squadron of iconic Australian films - the latest as a dying father in , as founder of New Town Films.

It would be three decades before Campbell would fully discover how wrong her early impressions of Ward were.

"There's so much more to Rachel than what you see," says Campbell, now an ardent admirer and friend.

"But as a writer and a filmmaker, it's a positive place to be in because I've always got a little bit of an outsider's perspective ... The outback and the frontier land has never lost its exoticism to me."Brown remembers his then girlfriend's first day in Australia: he picked her up at Tullamarine Airport and drove straight into country Victoria where he was filming. I remember her going, 'Oh my God, this is wonderful.'"Spend some time online and there's much you can learn about Rachel Ward and Bryan Brown.Ward invited her to lunch, went out of her way to introduce her to people. Every second Friday for the past few years, Ward and a composer friend have left the city for what she calls an "adventure trip" - kayaking, cycling or hiking (see box, page 30)."I've done about 60 of them now and never repeated one," she says. What's so extraordinary about Sydney is that in half an hour you can be in some incredible national park."Last year, Ward spent two weeks horse-riding in the foothills of the Andes in northern Patagonia.White shared his albums with a London newspaper last year and the saucy pic is among candid shots of his crowd - the likes of Polanski, Jagger, de Niro.Ward would go on to New York, where she modelled and dated David Kennedy, the troubled, drug-addled son of the assassinated senator Bobby Kennedy, then to Hollywood in the '80s for a sprinkling of largely forgettable roles.

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