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Find a movie you like, find other people on the Internet who like the same movie, and voila! But remember in the 90s when liking movies was a legit struggle? While we may laugh now at the toy's simplicity, it was revolutionary at the time.

Nothing prepared us for what we would have to endure. Drawing lines without a pen and paper and then just shaking it to watch it magically disappear was something that amazed us all.

Long before roses were being handed out on “The Bachelorette,” ABC brought us “The Dating Game,” where a cute bachelor or bachelorette would interview three eligible suitors without being able to see them and then pick one to go on a date.

Jim Lange was the original host of the show, appearing from 1965 to 1980.

24; Comedy Central star Amy Schumer's "Back Door Tour" stops in St. 29; Aisha Tyler, co-host of CBS's "The Talk," hits the CFA Feb. But up first: Saget, the classic sitcom dad ("Full House") riding a raunchy career renaissance. It didn't work out but he did run into her 20 years later: "I had a girlfriend who I ended up marrying ...

How much: , and at Ticketmaster or the box office Monday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday from a.m. More information: Check out St George or Bob for details. Seriously, these standup comedy headliners are no joke: Emmy winner and Tony nominee John Leguizamo at Center for the Arts Nov. Saget told us he was flown in from Philly for the ceremony — and it changed his life forever. HE'S AN ORIGINAL TV BACHELOR: Saget was the bachelor who won a date (and some Turtle Wax) when he appeared on "The Dating Game" in 1979.

"Being silly helped us survive a super-clean-cut show that at first mostly got panned but then in retrospect became part of family-television humor." 8.

While he began his career on the radio — his true love till the end, his wife tells the AP — it was reality dating that skyrocketed him to fame.

He passed away this week at the age of 81 after suffering a heart attack, his wife Nancy tells the Associated Press. Lange, here are some of the famous faces who appeared on “The Dating Game.” Some were on because they were famous, like a young Sally Field, who was starring on “Gidget” in 1966.

But the funniest ones are the pre-fame celebrities, like Farrah Fawcett, Bob Saget, John Ritter and Phil Hartman.

I Love you beyond words @bobsaget.' He also said that she makes him feel young.

In June he told Closer Weekly: 'I didn't think I’d have a relationship again. 'This won't be the first trip down the aisle for the star: The 6ft4in Philadelphia native was married Sherri Kramer from 1982 until 1997.

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