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Possessed Tom: (breaks free from the handcuff on his right arm) Ah-hah! Butch: (punches a kid and takes his sandwich) What kind of sandwich is this? Or did y'all miss it because he wasn't speakin' in baboon? Instead of sittin' here and choppin' off the brillo off each other's heads,y'all should take your black asses TO Iraq AND HELP FIGHT FOR OUR FREEDOM!

(punches a kid and takes his i Pod) What are you listening to? You thought you wasn't gonna get the taste smacked out of your mouth for trying to jack Young Reezy? Ed Wuncler III: [To a tied-up child hanging by his feet from the ceiling] Now, what I want you to do is think - just think - these two grapes, is your two little itty-bitty-kiddie testicles. (all the patrons and barbers are stunned and silent)A li'l more off the sides please.

Besides, there's a reason why people hold a phone to their head, Ed; it lets people around you know your talking on the phone. A nigga moment is when the mind of a perfectly logical black man is overwhelmed by some stupid nigga shit, like when a nigga steps up on your sneaker and fucks up your kicks, or hits your car or some shit, and the nigga get mad like it's your fault like you fucked up. The Devil: Stinkmeaner, your heart of darkness has earned you a trip back. Unless the homie wanna walk that stroll and get that money, a homie ain't gettin' a goddamn thing. Y'all should just grow up to be rappers, get into a beef and then shoot each other! Uncle Ruckus: People say there's no difference between the races.

If talking on a wireless headset means I gotta look like Buck Rogers, then I'm not interested. Ghostface Killah: (Narrating) Now if y'all was payin' attention to last season, y'all know what a nigga moment is. Uncle Ruckus: (drives the school bus up to Huey and Riley) That's right, that's right, get your lazy asses some exercise!

[untying the boy] You know what, that's your only freebie. I ain't even brushed past you yet, I ain't even make eye contact with your punk-ass! Shaq: It did at first, then I realized hating on Riley's superior game doesn't make my game any better, so I guess I have to work harder, step up to his level, that's what great players do, they bring the best out of everyone on the team. Uncle Ruckus: (talking to Riley) white man made you look like a fool, aint no surprise to me all the greatest basketball players have always been white still are Larry Bird, Dirk Novitzki oh sure he's ugly as hell on the face but he's as white as rice. My name is Uncle Ruckus and I will be nigga-sitting you two until your grandfather returns.

You want me to kidnap anyone else, you payin' top dollar. [As the boy runs away screaming] Yeah, come on over here, I'll give your bitch-ass something to cry about! You fuck with ONE member of Lethal Interjection, you fuck'd with every last one of us! Uncle Ruckus: (blows referee whistle) Alright everbody, keep an eye on your wallet! (to Riley) Look here ol' dawg, the only stealin' and shootin' I wanna see is this here b-ball, ya little future ex-con! Jericho's mother (praying for Robert Freeman as a pipe organ plays in the background): I ask You to bless him, Lord, and keep providing for him, Lord, so that he may keep providing for us, Lord! Your granddad had picked me cause I am a licensed zoologist. Tobias: I've thought of a new way to display moving pictures on a screen. This yah boy look ok this moment you've all been waiting for.

" He says it so much, I don't even notice it anymore. (They both start laughing) Nigga, you ain't even supposed to know how to read! Robert: It's a bird, it's a plane, no it's Catcher Freeman! (Catcher throws his sword into a white man's mouth, killing him) Oh, he got that cracker! Tom Du Bois was as far from a nigga as a black man could be. It'll only be a matter of time before that little boy be a grown man bent over a table with his pants 'round his ankles being entered repeatedly by another man. Last train to Faggotsville leavin' in five minutes! (runs up to Male BET Employee and proceeds to slash him while Weggie looks in horror and then looks away as if he was unaffected amidst Mistress Leevil's maniacal laughter and the blood splattered on her and on the walls of the boardroom)Mistress Leevil: I hope so, Weggie for your sake. 'Cause if it's not evil then, you know what's gonna happen.But Stinkmeaner knew that every black man's spirit is weakened during a nigga moment. Leavin' in five minutes for that chocolate tunnel hole! By happening I mean killed or at least very seriously injured sooo, so, you know, just make sure it's evil. Black fraternities should have a name, like boogedy boogedy! So the first thing I did was quit all my jobs, I dunno how I'm supposed to pay all the bills.[raising the sledgehammer to take a swing at his face] You gonna tell me where that chain is, I know that! Oh, so now you wanna make this a whole big fuckin' thing, huh? [he lunges at the boy, to be stopped by Riley]Ed Wuncler III: Naw, naw, man, I'm sick of this shit, I'm tryin' to squash it, right, and this bitch-ass motherfucker still actin' like he hurt and shit. Ed Wuncler III: [Walking back into the room] You told me to grab a kid. You don't like the way I do it, then do your own kidnapping. [As he cowers] What the fuck you lookin' all scared for, huh? [Grabbing at the boy with every sentence] I ain't even touched this motherfucker, yet! Uncle Ruckus: Ain't nobody talking while I'm talking, so shut the fuck up!

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