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She and Tigrerra were then able to defeat Rabeeder by using Velocity Fang.

Runo and Tigrerra join the battle against Naga and help Drago defeat him.

In the finale of the first season, she goes on a date with Dan.

In Invasion of the Vestals, she sees Drago, but is left behind along with Julie when Drago tricks them into turning around while he and Dan went to New Vestroia.

Runo gets angrier and angrier by the day as Dan never returns.

So in episode 10, "Surprise Visitor," she blows it and heads over to Moscow with Julie to meet up with Alice and go through the gate to New Vestroia.

Runo's outfit in Bakugan Battle Brawlers is a yellow midriff shirt and a white skirt with a pink belt. She also has orange and white stripped knee socks and brown shoes. In Bakugan: New Vestroia, Runo's outfit is a yellow shirt and white dress with pink designs.

In Bakugan: Mechtanium Surge, Runo wears a white shirt, a blue waistcoat, a red tie and khaki shorts.

Runo was able to defeat Lync, but her and Mira were soon defeated by Mylene, having Magma Wilda lose the Subterra energy.

It is shown she is not good at batting in baseball, but is a very good thrower, making younger Dan's hand hurt when she threw it at him.

She learned through this that she needed to listen to her friends more and not to be so stubborn, which made Tigrerra evolve into Blade Tigrerra and defeat Lars Lion and Younger Dan.

But after she comes home from the Doom Dimension a group of boys are happy to see her.

She has a severe crush on Dan, but she won't admit her love for him.

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This one action of her has caused the Brawlers to have lots of difficulties in taking Beta City where they're supposed to win quite easily.

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