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She’s going to stick that in the dude’s skull and drain blood. But when has something being insane stopped Meredith from doing it before?

Then she’s going to do it over and over again until the pressure is relieved. This is the girl who stuck her hand on a bomb inside a man’s chest.

And, you guys, I haven’t even gotten to the Derek stuff yet. Meredith is not enthused when she switches seats in order to help a family sit together and winds up sitting in the same row as Nathan Riggs. Yes, Riggs follows her into the bathroom because he thinks she’s making eyes, which she swears she is not. Meredith, Riggs, and the aforementioned cute dentist, Harrison, swing into action, helping the many, many people who make use of their call button when asked who needs medical assistance. The doctors spend time with various passengers ( has always been great at making you care about relative strangers within a few minutes — and that talent is put to great use in “In the Air Tonight”), but the majority of the episode is focused on trying to save Max (Jai Rodriguez), a very nice man with a very cute boyfriend.

To Riggs, it’s a sign; to Meredith, it’s an annoyance. After Riggs reminds her that there is no one around who they know (mainly, Maggie), the two doctors join the Mile-High Club. Max was too good for us — you knew something dramatic was headed his way.

Others have retired from the limelight only to pop up every here and there, sometimes on the anniversary of the movies and shows we love so much, or in an interview or a book that gives us insight into their lives.

Let’s take a trip down memory lane to see where our favorite 90s stars ended up in the 2000s…

Jessica began her journey in Tinseltown in 1994 when she starred on the Nickelodeon Channel’s series The Secret World of Alex Mack.

If they were in the hospital, he’d be rushed to the OR and they would drill into his skull to relieve some of the pressure.

She shades Pulmonary Hypertension Guy perfectly and has Viagra at the ready when Riggs needs it to save said guy’s life. Sob Scale: 4/10It was all too thrilling to really sit and have a proper cry, but the reverse flashback that left us with that image of Meredith and Derek meeting at the bar was a nice touch.

Next It doesn’t matter if you were a 90s kid, odds are if you’re a fan of Hollywood, you remember the 90s (but it obviously helps to have been around then). The stars were glamorous, talented to boot, the music was catchy and, for the most part, the actors and performers that entertained us throughout the 90s withstood the test of time.

Okay, so taking a step to the side to allow for a bottle episode of storylines are put on hold: Once the plane lands and everyone is ushered to safety, Riggs once again confronts Meredith over the reason why she keeps pushing him away. Meredith sees their story told backward, with very familiar flashes of car crashes and hospital shoot-outs and Post-it notes and elevator proposals and one very fateful meeting in a bar.

It’s not because of Maggie, and not because she is “prioritizing her family.” It’s because she’s scared. Riggs obviously knows how she feels, but he also knows that the two of them are alive, and he wants to live his life. Meredith considers it all — all the turbulence in her own life, and how sometimes, knowing it may get bumpy, you still have to get on the plane anyway.

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