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Major highways servicing Beausejour are PTH 44 and PTH 12, which run concurrently north of town.

From the south, Beausejour can be reached by traveling PTH 12 and Provincial Road 215 east into town or by taking PR 302.

The French name In 1906, the "Manitoba Glass Works" was founded, in a town now known as Beausejour, by Joseph Keilback and his partners.

Sustained by a nearby deposit of high quality sand, it was the first glass container factory in Western Canada.

Some files or items cannot be translated, including graphs, photos, and other file formats such as portable document formats (PDFs).PTH 44, PR 215, and PR 302 intersect at the west side of town.Prior to the construction of the Trans-Canada Highway, PTH 44 was the main route from Winnipeg to the Ontario border.At its peak, the Manitoba Glass Works employed 100 workers, but because of its inability to compete with Eastern Canadian manufacturers, was purchased in 1913 by a Montreal company and relocated to Redcliff, Alberta.The factory site remains, and was designated as a Provincial Heritage Site (number 41) on 27 September 1989.

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