Costa rica dating customs

To your supervisor, you will always call him/her "usted".It is also customary to refer to a person higher up in the hierarchy or older as "don" or "doña", accompanied by the first name.One sense of the local humour is to nick-name people according to their appearance; for Canadians this can cross personal boundaries around what is politically correct. When we meet someone, we shake hands, and often we shake hands every time that person is greeted.For example, if one is tall and skinny the nickname (appellido) is flaco/a. Family and work are both safe and constructive topics; the former is a particularly important dimension in Costa Rican life. When waiting in line at the bank or a public phone, the person behind you will stand very close. Even in the office, men who work together may shake hands every day in the morning. One kiss on the cheek is customary and this happens also between men and women. However, some people could be shy and avoid eye contact, especially those from rural areas and those who have very low level of education or are very young.

Asking about family is always well accepted and shows that you care.Another denotes "dinero" (thumb brushing forefingers as in North America), while another indicates food (palm facing mouth, four fingers clapping down, almost like a wave to oneself). "Ticos" (Costa Ricans) present themselves as happy and friendly people who are willing to help.Laugh is common, accompanied many times, by expressions of happiness like dancing.It may be winter in Canada when you are in Costa Rica.Describing seasonal experiences, like skiing, skating and snowshoeing or the change of fall colours can be fun and interesting for Costa Ricans who may never have experienced snow or falling leaves. Having a healthy sense of humour is a key aspect in Costa Rican life. It would be normal to see a crowded table in a restaurant or a bench, all seating very close together.

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