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At that time the Minton china factory production consisted of practical and unpretentious tablewares in painted or printed earthenware or bone china that followed the typical shapes and decorative patterns of the period.

Herbert Minton, succeeded his father as head of the firm, and it was due to him that the firm and gained it’s superb reputation.

The impressed S tells us it was potted in September.

If the English registration mark to the left were legible it would also give us the day of registration as well.

He was famous for Minton ware, a cream-coloured and blue-printed earthenware as well as majolica, Minton bone china and Parian porcelain.

Throughout its history Minton has often led the way in adapting fashions to the field of ceramics, resulting in a huge range of styles.

A distinctive turquoise blue enamel (inspired by Sevres bleu celeste) is a special feature of Minton, seen at its most striking in the cloisonne range of wares imitating Chinese cloisonne enamelling on metal, much of which was designed by Christopher Dresser.

Herbert Minton’s successful experiments in making encaustic tiles during the 1840s put him at the forefront of a huge industry supplying the requirments of institutions, churches, and domestic interiors all over the world.

Encaustic tiles are ceramic tiles with a decoration made of different colours of clay inlaid into the surface, a method originally produced in the middle ages.

Parian Ware is a marble-like unglazed porcelain body developed during the 1840s and used most successfully for sculptural pieces.

John Bell, the American Hiram Powers, and Albert Carrier de Belleuse were among the sculptors who produced statuary for Minton.

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