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She then told him to leave and pointed to the door. I hope you didn't mind me getting involved in your antagonistic situation Beth? Sloan then cupped my chin in her hand, took a tissue off the desk and proceeded to wipe around my lips. Sloan called me into her office and showed me a letter she received. In it he said how our lesbian relationship was all a put on for his benefit. By moving in with her I would be sending another message to Paul that I was truly a lesbian now and Katherine was my sole lover. Her status in the corporation gave her the money to live a very elegant lifestyle. I just didn't get it until I read the accompanying note. Her oral rape of me felt like it lasted for hours, but only a minute or two later she finally broke the kiss. What HE had to offer was in no way comparable, or for that matter even remotely satisfying compared to what SHE gave me. Oh, I am sorry if I shocked you, but your boyfriend, I mean your EX-boyfriend, needed some evidence of the physical kind to convince him that you meant business. Sloan had a very large and extremely well furnished apartment in a city high rise. Sitting in her car at a stop-light, walking down a sidewalk, laughing together in a restaurant."Out of the Frying Pan, into the Fire" by Musker and edited with choice additions by Ms. A few years ago she was promoted to associate vice president and became the first woman to break the glass ceiling in this company. That's when she decided to take the situation into her own hands. She walked up next to me and in a rather perturbed dominating tone said to Paul, "Young man, why do you continue to bother Ms. Has she not told you over and over again that she is NOT interest in continuing a relationship with you? So I sat there, waiting for these unnerving improvements to be over with.Anne Gray Inspired and dedicated to a very special Muse. He was a blind date set up by a friend, who knew a friend, who had a buddy, etc. Good luck and good bye." For some reason he didn't get it. I also have a good start on my career, working for a large prestigious corporation. Katherine Sloan and she is one powerhouse of a female executive. She is quite a woman and a great role model for me. When the makeup lady was done, my makeup felt kind of on the heavy side as if I was going out for a romantic night on the town. She grabbed my face in her hands and gave me one heck of a French kiss. Well, I did make an effort to get along more so than Katherine. I looked at her quiet repose and said forcefully that we should go to the police and have that son of a bitch arrested and locked up! She came up next to me and gave me a big sisterly hug. I could get a restraining order for him to stay away, but Paul was too infatuated with me for that to last any length of time. She just chuckled and told me she liked men too, but sometimes in life, and the business world, one must go out on a limb to get what one wants. This new look you gave me, this make- over is definitely not me." Once again I was becoming very doubtful of Ms. She then told him that there was another reason, a more important reason why I wanted him out of my life. Sloan did something that caught me completely off guard. I mean, I wasn't even remotely gay and, as far as I knew, neither was she. Her tongue probing deeply into my mouth exploring every inch of my sensitive orifice and playing, teasingly, with my own shocked tongue. Then we can both get back to work knowing that your "man problem" has been solved for good and all." It seemed like she took an unnecessary amount of time gently wiping, perhaps even fondling, my lips like she did. Later, when I was alone in her private restroom, I could not help but wonder why she put so much inference on the phrase "man problem". The long, ongoing situation and now threat became just too much for me. Now I had someone who could actually help me through this. I had a mailbox full of letters addressed to me from Paul, some with the name of Mrs. My answering machine was full of messages from Paul telling me to call him. Sloan and that it was him I should be kissing not my fictitious lesbian lover. Again, another week had passed and I, we, heard nothing from Paul. At work we were all formal and business, while at home we were like great girlfriends, roommates that got along very well with each other. " and it was signed "Paul, the MAN who loves you and will one day marry you! Katherine was just watching me, not saying anything. She said I could go to the police, but all they would do would be to warn him off.Don't forget, I am a corporate executive with all the status and power that goes with it. All you have to do is play your role in this drama and soon everything will be right with the world once more. I looked at my new self in the mirror and hoped this wasn't all a big mistake.

She said in a motherly tone, "Let me wipe off the smeared lipstick for you my dear. A whole week went by and I heard nothing from Paul. In fact, I thought about getting involved with a good looking guy I kept seeing riding in the elevator to work in the morning. We were not even remotely homosexual or bi because for the last week he had been following me around and never once seen us together. She comforted me like a mom and kept telling me that it would all be ok. I started to regain my composure and Katherine wiped my tears away with a tissue. She then smiled at me and wiped the last tear from my cheek. She immediately told me to lock the door and she would be there as soon as possible. Well, that one night turned into me moving in with her. I wasn't too keen on the idea of me, us, continuing the lesbian plan, but Ms. She had plenty of room for me, but considering how well furnished everything was I ended up putting all my stuff in storage. The message was short, but its point was clearly made. He was now stalking me, us, throughout our entire lives.

(part 1) "Into the Frying Pan" Have you ever had a boyfriend you just couldn't dump? Anyway, we went out a few times, had sex "once" and that's all I needed to know. He's a nice guy and all, fairly good looking, caring personality, ok in bed. Plus the fact, he's looking for a stay at home kind of gal with lots of kids, which is definitely not me! I think he was hooked on me, infatuated, a crush, whatever. I don't like to brag, but truth be known I am quite an attractive woman. I'm in my early 20's, average height and weight, great figure, long dark hair and soft feminine features. With my education and current business experience, I have one fantastic future ahead of me. One day, she walked into the office to find Paul and myself in one of our on going arguments. But whatever she did, she must of made me look really good considering all the smiling faces and ouuu's and ahhh's I was getting from everyone.

I wanted him out of my life while he wanted me to be back in his, forever! Sloan knew a little of my predicament with Paul from some short conversations we had together. At this point I was feeling pretty good and began to think that maybe Ms. After the make over at the beauty shop, she still would not allow me to see myself yet. Sloan then took me to a boutique and had me try on several outfits.

It stayed on my floppy gathering bit dust until a fine Lady helped me put it into shape. The Addendum tells the path it will take if it comes to fruit. Gray at the following address with your comments, [email protected] am sorry to say that "'Tis the Season" will not resume until this winter. It is for adult readers only, of legal age, and deals with domination and submission of a non consenting type. She dresses in well-tailored business suits that down play her femininity, but enhance her corporate aura. Such words would have forced any normal guy back into reality, but not Paul. I could tell that my long dark hair was being cut short and I had tried to say something, but Ms.

I lost the Xmas spirit and I find it hard to write the story without it. So don't read it if you are offended by this subject matter or not an adult of legal age. She started with the company when she left high school and has consistently moved up the ladder to her present position. And at that point and time, I could use all the help I could get. Sloan and the operators were ignoring me as if I was some annoying little kid. Sloan did talk to me she just reaffirmed what she said earlier--relax, all is going as planned, just trust me, you are going to look great!

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I'll be laughed at, ridiculed and harassed to death! "Oh sweetie, I'm sorry to say that you do have to look this way in the office. She told me to go to bed and get plenty of rest for tomorrow was going to be a new day in both of our lives.

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