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At another house just down from that one lived a single gay man.

Nepp fast made acquaintances on the bus commute into Minneapolis with another gay Golden Valley resident.

As the winds ripped, they tightened their hold on the village of exhibitor tents and community group tables. The 45-year-old Robinson and his partner, Jonathan Yeomans, bailed on south Minneapolis three years ago, trading city life for more square footage.

They looked at homes in Edina, Richfield, and Golden Valley, where they met would-be neighbors. “A diverse group of people, a younger group of people, a couple of gay couples, some just-married couples.

Back in the ’80s and ’90s, says Burris, the suburb was known as “Lavender Valley” by members of the local LGBTQ community.

“There seemed to be an exodus of community folks, couples mostly, from the urban core/‘Gay Ghetto’ west to the near-downtown suburb,” he says.

“I kind of want to keep it to ourselves.” For a long time, suburban life has been synonymous with stifling conventionality; a bastion of blandness on its good days, an all-out assault on nonconformity at its worst.

Best of both worlds The second annual Golden Valley Pride Festival on Sunday, June 11, commenced with thunder that roared like battleship guns and hail pelting the lawns of Brookview Park.

Teams of volunteers, who arrived at the location as early as a.m., made sure the event would go off as planned.

“So we come to find out they’re all around us everywhere,” says Fonnest, with a laugh. Golden Valley is where gay couples go to settle down.” According to census data from UCLA’s Williams Institute, Fonnest is right.

There are more gay couples, married or unmarried, living in Golden Valley per capita than any other city in Minnesota.

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