How to prevent flash from updating

If you receive an alert to update Flash when you are working in your browser, always decline to install it; you can then go to the Control Panel or System Preferences and have the Flash Update panel check for you.

If you don’t have the Control Panel or System Preferences icon then you don’t have a recent version of Flash installed.

Though most exploits are targeted at Windows, Mac users are not invincible.

Thankfully, Flash is easy to remove and most of your favorite sites and Web services will continue to work fine without Flash installed.

If you want to install the newest Flash, go to and choose “Install Now.” But another caution: Adobe often tries to sneak in add-ons like Mc Afee Security or True Key, especially on Windows systems.

You’ll see an improvement in responsiveness and efficiency for many sites." Flash has never been supported by i OS, and was removed from Android some years ago. Essentially, then, Flash is not your friend and if you can find an alternative web page that doesn't use Flash for playing video or to display some other content, then do that.Chrome includes a special version of Flash that runs inside a sandbox, with updates handled by Google.If you can't or won't install Chrome, a good fallback is Marc Hoyois's Click To Flash plugin for Safari.It will prevent any Flash content from running until you explicitly authorize it by clicking a placeholder in the page.If you insist on keeping Flash installed and won't use Click To Flash, at the very least make sure Flash can update itself automatically by enabling automatic updates in System Preferences → Flash Player.

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