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Where drugs are used, the victims will also develop an addiction problem.Sadly, there are even victims who die before they can be helped.There are many agencies that offer counseling for people who are in abusive relationships.At the early stage of dating, there are signs that hint at the formation of an abusive relationship.It’s also common for the abuser to use drugs to control the victims.

The abuse can be detrimental to the physical and mental health of the victims.When you see or know that a friend or family member is involved in an abusive relationship, you should try to reach out and help the person.Explain that love is not abusive and try to get the person to go for counseling.From the onset, the abuser may attempt to cut you off from friends, try to monitor your every movement, display extreme jealousy, post compromising pictures of you online without asking for your permission, and blame you for the abuse.When you see these things, it’s best to stop the relationship right away before more damage is done.

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Emotional abuse involves bullying, keeping the victim away from friends, name-calling, embarrassing, yelling or giving “make up” presents.

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