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I think it was about 2 or 3AM and we'd been shooting all damn day. I don't care if we're not friends, just don't try to f**k me in the interim. Real men don't have to SELL it has hard as he does and it's still WEAK.

Just recently, this fool Duane up and sold a building he and I bought awhile ago in Los Angeles, without asking...

–This day and age where you can get marred in a drive-through window like you’re ordering a burger (don’t believe me, go to Las Vegas) and where divorces and cheating is all over television, it’s rare you see a couple stay together beyond seven years.

Now, factor in if the couple is in the entertainment business, then the rate of divorce is much higher with weddings lasting an average of only three years.

She has the same voice on reality tv and her sitcom (or whatever it was), not to mention she sounded the same in the Players Club. Lisa has always been hood and I feel its an agreement across all counts that this broad... U know what Lisa is..was the prettiest chick in her hood..she got out in the world and realized her looks were very run the mill basic compared to many others. That is a title someone else bestows upon you, u don't give it to yourself. That term is used every so loosely when talking about her, because as she ever really does is PLAY HERSELF! Her and Stacey are not and have never been in the same league looks wise even when Lisa was in her player club days..a look at miss Dash during that time if u will... Denise Vasi in the same category, Lisa can't hold a candle to her. And I will throw anyone under the bus to get some shine. [MUSIC] Hey, this is Demetria Lucas D'oyley for and I am here with our girl Tisha Campbell-Martin. I have questions and my biggest question Got answers. But one of the most-loved Hollywood couples has been doing it now for 20 years and promises to keep it together for another twenty.Duane Martin and Tisha Campbell-Martin were marred in 1996 and haven’t looked back since.

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As for Duane Martin, there have been too many rumors for a long length of time. Lisa Raye is so beautiful, but she shows her D-list status as a celebrity everytime she speaks. Anyway, he didnt need a job from Will Smith, thats where you lost me... » Esperanza Spalding’s #Black Girl Magic Is Set To Takeover Harvard University The 'Updated' Beyonce Wax Figure Is STILL A Problem» Fight Footage Between Migos' Entourage & XXXTentacion Surfaces, Cardi B Is Dragged Into The Beef UCLA Baller Li Angelo Ball & Teammates Back In US After Shoplifting In China» Wendy Williams’ Husband Kevin Hunter Still Parading His Mistress Around In Public 50 Cent Adds His Childish '2 Cents'» R.

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