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The french teacher was unlike most of the other teachers at... The class has already finished so we all went to the locker room, which was in the basement, to get dressed. I turned out to not be very good at learning this language and the teacher noticed, she also noticed that I didnt care about the class either. This story is true, even though it might not sound like it. His office was just outside of the locker room with just a... So i'm 17 and i go to sixth form, and my maths teacher Mr. Since it was at our house, there was one rule, no clothing allowed. I was walking over to one of my teacher's classes Mr. When I was 13 I went to my favorite teacher and saw her crossing her legs. We saw him in his brief swimming suit in the pool and then he would just let most of us boys shower first and then as most of the guys left he... So yeah, i've noticed that a lot of the stories on here are quite obviously made up so i thought i'd give an honest answer. When I was about 15 my parents held a pool party at our house. The teacher was pretty new (2nd or 3rd year teaching I think) and was a really young woman, in her mid 20's if I recall correctly, almost certainly the youngest teacher in the school, but... Highschool back in the 70s, we thought nothing about it, or most of us didn't. We had just had a really hard practice, and we were exhausted, but our Coach (also my chemistry teacher) insisted we practiced early... This story is from my high school years, in my sophomore (world) history class. she never would ware a bra, she always had a button up shirt on and she would not button up some of the top buttons. In the middle of the school year I was staying late after baseball to take a shower. When I peeked out I saw my very good looking math teacher who is a was undressing and I was sure she was there to take a shower. I saw my swimming coach in the showers with us back in Jr. As soon as my mother arrived and we were ready to leave, she asked me where my... I had a female gum teacher who was known for watching the guys change in the locker rooms.

I walked and heard the showers going and thought it was someone from the school soccer team so I didn't think on checking and when I...

Suma: sari maava anta heli avara tunne yannau tanna seraginda varesi.. nantara avalu tea madikondu rajuge kottu snana madalu hodalu...

maava: sari hogi baa avanige team kottu baa nantara nange nin moleya haalu kudisu...

We were on a marching band trip, and our hotel had a swimming pool. It was about , and most of the band and other guests had gone up to their rooms, since the pool closed at 10.

The only people left were me and my fellow drum line...

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12 now that I think of it, since it was near the start of the school year, I was staying over at a friend's house and we decided to go over to one of our teachers' houses that happened to live nearby. When I was a junior in high school I took a French class in the afternoon.

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