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this is one of the reasons why we have racial tenssions caus other people have a problem with accepting the other cultures.my question is one: who said which culture is right and which is wrong and what if when you die and wherever you go you find that you were wrong all along?Indeed this peoples have showed that they are true africans. honestly speaking am proud of them.congrat my lovely people.please "human right" is the cos of the problem we are facing in this world.I have enjoyed learning about the culture and peopl of Swaziland. It is great to see a land in Africa, not depicted as barren and in desolation. Your American, sister/I am a swazi and a diciplined man.I am currently 30years of age but my father only know two woman that I brought home since I started dating.

and as for those who doesn't have anything to say it wise to just zip up your mouth.if you have a problem with African cultures then why dont you stay in europe and not look what Africans are doing caus im sure you will live a better life that way.We swazis are proud of who we are and this shows that we still have our identnty, I also wonder what nationality is GUEST, from what I read I can sureley say you do not even respect the english language looking at you comment so it means you do not have respect for anything even yourself.I think most negative comments here are just due to jealousy.I am an african and have been living in europe for so many years.

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