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I don’t think he ever did finish his album, but the piano theme fitted what we were doing perfectly and now the song just doesn’t sound right without it.There were a lot of drugs around the making of ‘Layla’.

Words: Nigel Williamson ___________________ By the time “Layla” eventually became a hit in December 1972, two years after its first release, Eric Clapton was past caring.

I loved the name and I had the main body of a song that was obviously about Pattie. They were already playing when we got there and I could hear this amazing, wailing guitar from about half a mile away.

I sat on the grass in front of the stage and was mesmerised.

I was looking for a musical context into which I could fit and they seemed to provide it.

When we had some songs we went to Miami to work with Tom Dowd on an album. Someone had given me a book called The Story Of Layla And Majnun, which was a Persian story about being driven mad by falling in love with a beautiful, unavailable woman. I realised we had something after Duane Allman came up with the riff. He said the Allman Brothers were playing close by in Coconut Grove and we should go see them.

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