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If you've ever been falsely accused of something like this, then it's the only way you know how stressful it can be.

I began talkign to this chick on myspace she was from minnesota she was racially aware I thought I had found my dream girl..

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and aparently she had been engaged to him the whole time we were dating. The anti-White criminals think they can do anything they want, they need to learn what happens to traitors.

It made me break down one cause it was the day the only person in my family that really cared for me died and I loved him to death I miss him so much but it was the day I found out I was getting played by a ****** lover. This is also a good reminder that we should never tell people we don't know about our racialism. To say that you are conservative is as far as you should go with information about your political stance; it is good enough, most conservatives are anti-immigration anyway. It is one thing if they don't say one way or another,but when they advertise themself as white - as one guy did who I went out with on the off chance without seeing his pic - and turn out not to be as this one guy I met was a half breed.

what a FREAK I went out to dinner with a fairly attractive girl after talking to her online. After awhile, she asks me what my astrological sign is. She gets this weird look and says that her ex was an Aries too, she goes to the "washroom" and didn't come back, stiffing me with the bill.

However,it makes me think they could be married or are hiding something.Since we seemed to have some compatibility, I invited her out for drinks and dinner. Some are guys using ex GF names and photos to give them a 'rep'.Imagine my surbrise when the lady with the 'average' body shape showed up and weighed more than 375 lbs! Others have baggage (serious debt, lots of kids, pyscho exes) that makes them desperate for anything that might help them.These aren't 18-year old hotties, they're women in their forties. On one site my photo was rated a 7.6 on a scale of 1 to 10. I live in the Bay Area, so I'm sure that's not helping, but Jeez!! " it was soo embarrassing, the whole restaurant was looking at us.i just ran out and he had the gall to leave a message on my answering machine the next day asking if we could go out again.

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well I get online to see she had got married that day to a ******.

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