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She has also worked alongside Michael Jaffe as a producer.Flannery since became best known worldwide for portraying Stephanie Douglas Forrester on the American soap opera The Bold and the Beautiful (1987-2012).She was one of four original cast members still appearing on the series, along with Katherine Kelly Lang, Ronn Moss, and John Mc Cook.Flannery is also a regular director on the show, and has twice been nominated for a Directors Guild of America Award for her work.Net Worth, Salary and income She has a net worth of million. Award and Achievement Before landing a role on B&B, Flannery racked up many other credits (and awards), including DAYS, DALLAS and a hot role in The Towering Inferno.

She is not married, and she has one daughter, Blaise, who is 22 years old and has lived in Australia with her musician boyfriend for the last several years.After loads of hard work and success, she was able to gain name and fame. Job and future Flannery’s film career has also earned from considerable acclaim.She appeared in releases such as The Gumball Rally, The Gnome-Mobile and The Towering Inferno, for which she won a Golden Globe for Most Promising Female Newcomer in 1974.She has gained some weight in the later years of her career.Nationality, Ethnicity She is an American and she is White.

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