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I've been on a colon cleanse for the past two days.' He teased me for months." —Ashley Rickards, MTV's 11.

Com is an adult entertainment website, featuring adult sexual or pornography videos.They canceled the party, and I wasn't allowed back." —Michael D., 275."One night, I fell asleep on a bus, and when I woke up, the bus was dark and empty — I was at the bus depot at NYC's port authority station in the middle of the night. "I am an engineering student, and our class had an engineer come talk to us about postgrad opportunities.I was in a long- distance relationship, so I decided to send my girlfriend some naked pics ...and accidentally sent them to my manager at work — hours before my shift started. I once accidentally left my vibrator on my nightstand when my parents came over. Not sure if they even believed me." —Julia P., 2714.

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"I was in charge of capturing my friend's wedding on video.

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