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Not only can the peacock deploy the feathers, but he can also make them vibrate and produce a characteristic hum.

Another beautiful feature of the displayed feathers is the uniform spacing of the eyes.

Even though the display contains around 170 eye feathers, they are all visible and all spaced apart with a remarkable degree of uniformity.

All the eyes are visible because the feathers are layered with the short feathers at the front and the longer feathers at the back.

Most birds have two types of tail feather: flight feathers and tail-coverts.

The flight feathers provide stability during flight, while the tail-coverts ‘cover’ and protect the tail region.

The stem can be narrow because it has a deep section in the area of the eye pattern.

The brown coating of the stem in the area of the eye pattern is very important because the stem is a natural white colour and this would be too conspicuous for the eye pattern.

The bright colours and intricate shapes of the eye pattern are the most striking aesthetic features.The stem is not needed because the barbs fan out around the top of the feather.The narrowness of the stem in the bottom half of the eye pattern is important because this makes the stem fairly obscure.These decorative feathers are also referred to as ornamental feathers, or display feathers.1 It should be noted that a peacock is a male peafowl and a peahen is a female peafowl. When a peacock displays his tail feathers during courtship, a magnificent ‘fan formation’ of feathers forms a beautiful backdrop to the body of the peacock as shown in Figure 1 (below).An adult peacock has an average of 200 tail feathers and these are shed and re-grown annually.

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The radial alignment of feathers requires the root of each feather to be pointed with a remarkable degree of accuracy.

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