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Driving at night isn't recommended, because of the threat of theft as well as the danger of travelling on poorly maintained roads in the dark.

There have been reports of criminals targeting slow-moving vehicles on tough, isolated roads.

Poverty is deeply entrenched, with almost half of the population living below the poverty line.

The urban centres are increasingly dangerous but Lesotho's inspiring rural landscapes mean there's little reason to hang around town.

Knives are used in most robberies but gun crime is on the rise, especially in Maseru. Thieves here have no qualms about using violence to subdue you and get what they want. If you have a bag or a big camera, it's a good idea to throw it away from you rather than wait for them to grab it.

Changing your attacker's focus can give you time to escape, or at least help avoid a potentially violent close quarters encounter.

Nearby border towns of Maputsoe and Hlotse are not much better.

The majority of tourism in Lesotho is focused on the magnificent mountain trails and epic scenery.Ramped up border security has remained in place and criminals who used to slip over to hit wealthier South African targets are now being forced to look closer to home.In addition, lots of Lesotho men used to enjoy good incomes as miners in South Africa.You shouldn't spend much time on the streets after dark and definitely don't stray off well-lit and busy streets.The stretch between Maseru's hub of hotels and the business district is notorious for robberies.

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