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It is always so tempting to be rude about Ultimate Frisbee, but we tend to mock what we cannot understand.Ultimate Frisbee is unofficiated meaning that the people on the pitch just have to be honest and remember that it is just a game.For the shallow amongst you I have to point out that nothing tones a bum better than football.Footballers have great glutes, that’s just science.Your American Football bae will drop presents in your pidge and write you cute crushbridges, they’ll cycle out to your hill college to see you at the drop of a message and regularly use multiple heart emojis.They might even be so eager to please that you’ll be able to persuade them to stop wearing that awful Letterman’s jacket.But they’re not all about the game, putting the lit in elitism, the lacrosse team frequent Wednesday Cindies.

Frisbee players are the remedy to all those sporty baes that thought that they could get away with anything.

49 - City of London, London to look into each other's eyes and lose ourselves there for a while I'm continually seeking to learn, to grow, to improve.

I love to learn and love to meet people from any walk of...

On the up side: cardio, stamina and wrist strength.

What they lack in talent in traditional sports they make up for with enthusiasm and eagerness to please.

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  1. You're either rushing to get ready for rehearsal, rushing to rehearsal, a combo of the two, or in rehearsal (or performing, or in class, or at an audition..get the picture). Her decisive, dynamic dancing commands the stage: She gobbles up space so confidently it's hard to believe you're watching a mere tween.