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But put all these data points together and you start to see the outline of your typical Dallas guy.I asked a gay friend from Brooklyn to evaluate Dallas men on Ok Cupid, and he saw one more quality: sincerity. (If you want to stand out on Dallas dating sites, say that you are an atheist.) He looked at gay men, too, and described Dallas gays as “clean-shaven and well-moisturized.” There were other things he noticed, too: hunting and fishing and trucks. Dallas is a big city, and we do have plenty of artsy weirdos here, too. I’d noticed a baseline incompetency in men’s photos before, but it isn’t until you actually drill into the earth that you discover how much bedrock is there. Glum portraits taken at the bathroom sink with the phone still visible, which, in 2013, is a bit like having an AOL account. It is awkwardness squared to build an online dating profile.But I can’t help noticing that women, so accustomed to being judged for their appearance, are aces in this department, while men’s photos look like mugshots.

These days, what snags my attention on dating sites is one of those guys so crackling with personality that you can just feel it on the page.

Recently, a female friend and I were browsing through profiles of Dallas men. What could I learn about them from their dating profiles?

Online dating was an unexplored universe to her, and she was curious what my potential suitors looked like. First lesson: they take terrible pictures of themselves. Photos from so far away that you’d think some dude handed his camera to a space alien.

I realize women take these pictures, too, but I saw so many men doing this, and I am confounded by the mental process leading up to it. But for the men of Dallas, it’s like clothes just happened to them. My brother (one of the best men I know) spent several years wearing little else but Polo shirts. Where Dallas guys do get wacky in their wardrobe is when it comes to sports.

He’s an engineer, not interested in shopping, and I understood this as a combination of aspirational branding and total fashion indifference. So many novelty jerseys and goofy college insignias.

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Data from, based here in the city, confirms that North Texas users are more likely to play sports than the rest of the country, especially football. Of course, none of this is exclusive to Dallas men.

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