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It is styled in a straight cut with short sleeves and features a crew-neck-collar.It comes in a block colour, and we particularly like the duck embroidery on the chest.“They were appalling, ill-disguised filth,” he jokes, “based on the very simple language of the children’s books of the same name, but spiced with a little innuendo.When Terry read the first one on his show, it caused one of the biggest reactions the programme had ever got, and after that I began to do one every three or four weeks.” “I used to have to pull over to the side of the road when 'Janet and John’ came on because I was laughing so much,” says Christine Tew, a 64-year-old mother of four grown-up sons from Wiltshire and another dedicated TOG. It is not taking life too seriously that makes you a TOG.“We are one of ten or eleven couples who have met through being TOGs.” The name TOG was invented by accident by Sir Terry’s youngest daughter, Katherine.“One evening,” says Mc Intosh, “she had casually referred to her father’s listeners as 'old geezers’.We all have to have a TOG name.” Joslin’s is “Mick Sturbs” – try saying it quickly to get the full effect – while Mrs Mac Intosh trades as “Hellen Bach”. “I toyed with being Doug Deeper, an archaeologist, but then decided on a play on my own name.So I swopped Norman for Tudor and Mac Intosh for Raincoat.

Tew has just embarked on a new career as a DJ, doing work experience in clubs in Ibiza under the name “Dizzy Twilight”. “Before that I was 'Grid Granny’ because my son was in motorsport, and then 'Failed Flamenco Dancer’.

10k will allow us to carry on while we investigate our funding options going forward.

You can’t go wrong with this basic t-shirt crafted in 100% cotton jersey!

We love to wear this with coloured jeans and urban-style trainers, guaranteeing a trendy and casual look.

Grace Lutheran's Youth Group has given itself the name T. After a fantastic week in Detroit–we are back safe and sound.

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You are never too old to be immature.” Britain's Queen Elizabeth II is introduced to broadcasters (L-R) Sir Terry Wogan, John Humphrys, James Naughtie, and Chris Moyles by Jenny Abramsky, the BBC's Director of Radio and Music in London.

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  1. BELLEVILLE • A clergy sex abuse case with misconduct dating to the 1970s finally ended Wednesday when James Wisniewski's attorney was handed two checks — one red, the other blue — totaling .3 million.

  2. In October last year, our neighbour from the land of Merlion, Singapore also launched a dating app just for Muslims - Mat & Minah. At its launch, a Singapore-based news daily reported that the man behind Mat & Minah; Zuraimie Ismail, 43, director of Skimly the company that developed the app, as stating that Muslims traditionally depend on familial connections for help to find a spouse but this practice has declined due to the increasing urban diaspora.