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Some how you have some vague feeling that this person is real, although you can’t see their face or try to imagine how they might look like in your mind.You do get the feeling that this person is out there somewhere and they know who you are on the same level.When twin flames meet they are physically at a distance, live in different countries.There is a energy that prevents twin flames from being physically together in the beginning.

To sum this up, your twin flame is your one and only true soulmate.

This view of twin souls is supported by Keesha Michelle Washington, a sought-after spiritual life coach in the United States.

She believes twin souls are the other half of our soul, and we inevitably will meet face to face.

There has been a lot of buzz around twin flames since 2012 which is kinda like the twin flame golden era.

2012 was the year of ascension and a turning point for twin flame love for many levels, the ascension in my opinion is another new age word for the shift that happened on Earth which cleared the control energy on our planet, which also blocked the twin flame love.

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Most twin flames encounter each other for the first time in unusual ways, either in person or online.

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