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Marketing professionals can use ABBYY Fine Reader to extract text from old PDF files or scans of old documents.Text can be re-edited in a Microsoft Word file or easily cut and pasted into a document layout or publishing program without a lot of extra retyping. you want to make OCR batch processing from your program, they sell another software, called 'ABBYY Recoginition Server'.There also offer a comprehensive API for programmers : If your plan is to batch process them and write the contents to a Database, you can also do a programmatical trick to overcome such limitation, as I did recently in one of my projects (It is a bit offline-way but it is simple and works) : While parsing the files and putting them to your Database table from your program, move (or copy) them all into a folder while changing their filename to include an ID from your Database table.Please note the part number in your program will be updated as #1074.16.I just bought abbyy finereader 11 copr to rund it from another programm, but i cant find any commends to be used for When creating presentations, research reports, and proposals, many times professionals need to compile information from a variety of sources which may include other reports downloaded as PDF from the Internet, printed documents, magazine or newspaper articles, old contracts, etc.

Use ABBYY Fine Reader to convert documents which can be easily inserted into HTML editors or to create searchable PDFs for further uploading on the Web site.You want to update last year’s marketing brochure with new statistics?Found an old leaflet with interesting data or text?Today’s translation agencies or dictionary software are helping to facilitate the process, but documentation must be provided in easy to read text which can be inserted into translation databases.Use ABBYY Fine Reader to pull necessary information from scans or PDF files to be sent for translation or scan an article and perform OCR before inserting it into translation software for easy reading.

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Whether you need to extract data from a paper document or add a document to a searchable archive, ABBYY Fine Reader will do it for you quickly and easily, saving your valuable time and staff resources.

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