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Chesney and Amy met through mutual friends and started dating right away.The couple had a rough time and a rocky relationship due to Kenny’s touring and also the rumors of him cheating on her with Jenn Brown.Kenny Chesney may have taken the year off from touring, but that doesn’t mean he has been staying home, either.The country superstar spent several weeks this winter in L. editing his new concert film , which hits theaters April 21, and managed to squeeze in his first-ever Italian vacation. He is a singer, songwriter, record producer and one of the top country music stars: most of his songs made it to the first ranks in many charts including the U. After the CMA Awards, the social medias have recently taken an interest in Kenny’s personal life after he was seen with a lovely lady by his side who kissed him after winning the Pinnacle Award. Kenneth Arnold “Kenny” Chesney was born March 26th, 1968 in Knoxville, Tennessee. For too many years, Kenny Chesney was taken for being single, but recently, Kenny gave an interview where he talked about going to Italy with his girlfriend, so after all, he is not single but the country superstar unfortunately never revealed her name or mentioned someone.But, there still a big portion of his fans that remains unhappy with a few information they receive and heavily criticizing the low profile that Kenny chose to wrap his relationship in.In the end, his fans are loyal and couldn’t be more happy for the next step he is willing to take in his relationship with Mary Nolan.

The country singer defined the ideal situation of dating according to him, as the moment when he got somewhere to go, especially if he was in his boat for a few weeks with a guitar, a girl and a Bob Marley CD.

They met at a charity event for victims of the Asian tsunami in 2005.

The romance between the two quickly started to kick in and they started dating right away.

By only reading his statement for the first time we can easily see the qualities of future Mrs. The country star only had one experience with marriage, and it was with the actress Renee Zellweger, and according to Kenny Chesney, married life was not something that he could commit to, and that announcement came even before he and Renee split for good.

Kenny said that the life of his friends who have a normal family, kids and a dog is something that would drive him to ‘blow his brains out’.

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The rumored incident came before Chesney and Amy Colley split for good.

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