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The wetback boiler design has a water cooled turn around chamber used to direct the flue gases form the furnace to the tube banks.The wetback design requires less refractory maintenance; however, internal pressure vessel maintenance, such as cleaning, is more difficult and costly.Firetube boilers are available for low or high pressure steam, or for hot water applications.Firetube boilers are typically used for applications ranging from 15-1500 horsepower.Steam pressure in a firetube boiler is generally limited to approximately 350 psig.

Firetube boilers are available in two, three and four pass designs.A single "pass" is defined as the area where combustion gases travel the length of the boiler.Generally, boiler efficiencies increase with the number of passes.For this reason, a watertube boiler is generally used if pressure above 350 psig design is needed.Firetube boilers are usually built similar to a shell and tube heat exchanger.

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Firetube boilers are available in either dryback or wetback design.

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