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Is it really that difficult to imagine how many of these crimes are never reported to begin with out of not wanting to harm reputations, the church, or the community?

It’s one thing to accuse the mysterious lonely man in the funny black robes that disappears behind the curtain at the end of mass.

QUESTION: Why isn’t there any massive national media outrage at these crimes in ONE MONTH?

Oh, that’s right – because it’s never good for ratings (aka ad revenues) to go be seen as attacking Christianity as a whole.

This is not an opportunistic attempt to slander Christian pastors by stringing together random cases compiled over the decades – these are all stories that hit the This is just a small list of some of the crimes (that were actually reported to authorities AND the media) in the MONTH OF MAY ALONE.

The man whose wife leads the women’s group and works at the local bank. The man who is seen as a respected community leader with perceived authority over their flocks.

To a nine, twelve, or sixteen year old – these men ARE God.

While it is easy to point an accusing finger at the Catholic Church for decades of covered up child abuse, it appears to be far too easy to ignore the fact that the problem of coercive sex crimes are just as, if not more prevalent among Protestant churches in America today.

Of course, we don’t hear about them in the national news because they aren’t inter-connected to a massive worldwide organization like the Vatican.

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Given our role as God’s children – and in intimate relationship with Him – prayer has staggering implications on our marriages! Selena is much better at it than I am – she’s a great communicator and I tend to under-communicate.

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